New songs

Dear Heeders of the Bell,

Today we are putting out two songs, Come Rain Down and Drown, for you all to listen to and digest. They are both about despair regarding the times ahead – and also about hope. They were written in a time when many were deeply immersed in contemplation and deliberation about how earthlings ought to live and die together. They were recorded in an old industrial building sitting peacefully and resiliently right in the middle of a physical location most of which is undergoing some dramatic changes. Sometimes it felt like being in the eye of the storm. Except the storm was one of cash and concrete rather of wind and rain. It is possible that this will be apparent to the listener.
As the days grow shorter, about a handful of song sketches are growing more complete by the day. It feels a bit as if this old industrial shed was built right over an ancient magic well or an ever-flowing stream of pure dystopian visions. You will not be kept in the dark for too long about what we’re up to.

For now, may you enjoy listening to Come Rain Down and Drown.


The Bell-ringer